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The Kidney Stone Epidemic (Update)

So, I said in my last blog that I was going to make the next blog a continuation on villains and motivation. However, that was before I got a kidney stone. Have you ever had a kidney stone? It is literally the worst pain I have ever experienced? I was literally on the couch for a week solid.

It started on a Saturday, went away and then came back on a Monday night. Boy did it come back. Of course it came back when the doctor offices were all closed, so we had to go to the ER. (Can’t wait for that bill.)

All in all, I am just glad it is over. Well, until the next stone. Apparently, now that I have had one I am 50% more likely to get another one in the next five years.

Anyhow, here is a little update on things so far. I joined reached out to a few of my friends who have interesting projects they are working on. Mostly in the writing domain. However, I have been dying to meet with like minded people and hash out ideas, encourage and be encouraged, and help hold each other accountable on goals, timelines, and deadlines.

I have been working really hard on the outline of Book 1. So, what I have been doing is ironing out the three Acts. I have the three Acts mapped, and now I am trying to get the three parts really air tight. I’ve been looking at the various scenes and seeing what is good, bad, or needs to be changed.

Many scenes have merit, however, they take away from the pace. Others are really weak and can really be shortened to a small paragraph. Others are too short and glossed over, so they need to be expanded upon or removed because they might become confusing.

The biggest issue has been ACT III. I have been working on getting the transition scene from ACT 2 to ACT 3 more tight. Personally, I was not happy with the current scene because of the pacing of it. So I scrapped it and worked on a bunch of variations. Then I went on various tangents seeing how each would play out in certain ways.

After a lot of work, I am starting to hone in on the outline that I feel has the most merit. It’s all very maze like. If you go down this pathway, you get these cool events but lose these. However, this path has this and this, however, it misses this. So I have to choose which path is the most well paced, best bang for the buck, and most rewarding to the reader.

I have several points that are kind of key points, and these are the ones I cannot miss out on. The scenes that have to happen. Like Gabriel has to do this, this, and this while there. And the bad guy has to do that and that.