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Staying Positive in a Negative World


So this morning I was in an car accident. The other driver hit my and caused me to hit the guard rail. So, I am currently in that no-man’s- land where I am waiting to hear from the mechanic whether or not my car will be totaled or not.¬†However, I am doing my best to be positive in the midst of a physically and emotionally stressful situation.

I am not one of those overly positive people, however, I definitely am someone who does his best to see the bright side. I think it is important to keep our focus not on the small, stressful situations, but I try to learn from hard life lessons.

Even though this whole situation: the timing, the physical pain my body is in now, the financial pressure, and the uncertainty all can be part of something important. I just need to do my best to acknowledge that this all has a purpose and that I will learn and grow from it.

As a person, I am sometimes plagued with stress over things I cannot control. A student that fights me on every issue, a car wreck that wasn’t my fault, etc. Things like this would eat me up, if I let them. But if I try to maintain a positive outlook, I can cope with the never ending stress that our world offers. I have to choose to remain positive. If I want to stay positive, I need to be intentional with my thoughts, emotions, and desires.

Now let’s look at this in a practical way.

  1. It’s about perspective. Considering my car accident. I can look at all the negatives (and there are plenty) that this will bring. Money, time, energy, and the unknown. Or I can look at the positives from this situation. I’m not gravely injured or worse, I had insurance, the other driver wasn’t hurt, and it happened before a long holiday which will hopefully offer me time to get the car fixed or find a new one in time for next semester.
  2. You have to choose positivity. Every situation in life could be looked at in two ways. You can either see it as an obstacle, or you can see it as a chance to learn something. If you choose to look at them as obstacles, every task is going to be daunting. But if you choose to see it as a chance to learn or grow, then you have a goal and a challenge to achieve.
  3. It takes practice. Like most things in life, what you practice is what will become part of who you are. Negativity is a bad habit. We fall into it like we fall into a bad posture. We have to be intentional and practice a good, positive posture which will foster a better way of life.

So what are you choosing today? Will you allow the stress of work, life, school get you down? Or will you choose to be positive and keep your outlook right?