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Launch Day


My name is L. Danny Valencia. We should be launching my website very soon now. I would love to thank my very good friend, Mr. Lessey, for everything he has done to help me get this website launched. He deserves so much of the credit.

I would like to thank my beautiful wife. She has sacrificed so much of her own time and has always supported my dream. When we got married she recommended we forgo presents and ask people to donate to the Kickstarter as a wedding gift. I mean, how awesome is she?

The brings me to my next point. The Kickstarter. I will be launching a Kickstarter very soon, to add to the self-publishing package that I have purchased. One of the trouble that self-publishers fall into is a lack of marketing and editing. I want to add to my book deal by investing in some great marketing and top of the line editing and cover art.

So thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for further updates concerning the book, myself, and the publishing process.

L.Danny Valencia

My Journey as an Author

I have always been captivated by stories. Even at a young age, I would make up silly games and characters for my brother and I to play pretend. I would imagine epic worlds and themes and characters, and my brother would usually just play along because it was fun.

In high school, I loved writing and was drawn to books that made me think and wonder. I had a terrific teacher who was essentially like my Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. However, she was not a he. She did still push me, and make me think. She always required my very best. After high school I went to college for elementary education. I received my Masters in Literacy Education. Becoming an author wasn’t the goal, but always something I wanted to do.

In my first years of teaching, I created a short story while working on literary elements with my students. I read them the story to model the parts of a story. My students loved the story so much, many of them begged me to get it published. Several years later, I am finally working to get that done.

I am self-publishing my first children’s chapter book this year. I am working with Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson. My wife and I are so excited to take the next step in getting my stories out there to the world.

Thank you,

L. Danny Valencia

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