Finally Published!

Well it has been a whirlwind of a month. I finally saw the fruit of my labors, and my book was published in December. It is currently available on Amazon and B&N. Personally, the Kindle version is probably the best option. But I know some people like to have a physical copy.

After all the wait, I am now having to publicize and market my book. My hope is that the first book is successful enough that it will be able to finance a second book. After that I hope that it will continue to fund itself if nothing else.

So, last week I did an interview with a local newspaper. You can find the link to that article here. That was a really interesting experience mainly because the whole conversation was focused on me.

Next, I did a podcast interview with a colleague of mine. You can find their podcast here.

Outside of those, I am contacting local libraries, book stores, and conventions to try and coordinate book signings or other related events. This is all so new for me.

So, have you gotten your copy yet? What do you think?

If you want to help out, please go to Amazon and leave me some feedback. The more stars the better! You can find it here!