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Book Update: Coming Soon (Hopefully)

Hello Friends,

I just want to give everyone an update on where I am on the book publishing path. Secondly, explain what is going to be next, hopefully sooner than later.


I have been pretty much none existent as far as blogging is concerned over the last year. At the end of 2016, I started a new teaching position, and therefore, much of my attention was spent getting acquainted with that amazing job. However, as the last school year ended, I was working more and more on my book. Editing here and revising there. Finally, I really felt like the story was where I wanted it to be, and I liked the flow much better than previous manuscripts.

So, in June of this year, I set the book up with the editing service that my self-publisher provides. I used the Kickstarter money that I raised back in 2015 to pay that off. However, it was more than expected because of the size of the manuscript. So, what my Kickstarter didn’t cover, I paid for out of pocket.

I waited until the beginning of August, and finally the book was finished with its editing. Unfortunately, school started at the same time, so I have to give the majority of my time to my teaching career. That’s not to say I am upset. But I was hoping for the process to finish before school started, so I could preview the edits and send it off to production.

However, I am currently looking over the book’s edits and making sure none of the meaning was altered in the editing. Westbow Press did a great job, and I trust them very much. However, they encouraged me to review it, just in case.

Next Steps

I have been review the book in its entirety the past two weeks. When I am completed, I will send the book to the publishers to prepare for the next step of production. My goal is to be as quick on my end in getting things submitted to them, so the production isn’t slowed because of me. Hopefully, it will be ready and sent out by the end of this year.