Kickstarter Success

Well somehow the Kickstarter was a success. I honestly wasn’t sure it was going to make it, but thanks to my family and friends we did it. You all are so amazing, I can’t even fully express my complete gratitude. I would like to give a special shout out to my sister who commented, shared, quoted, and retweeted my posts and updates. Likewise, my best friend never stopped believing in me, and he was my very first donator. I am so blessed to have friends and family like I have. 

Looking back on the project, I think I would have been better off launching the website earlier. Using the website, and the Facebook page, I could have garnered some support and more awareness for my Kickstarter. But this is all such a learning experience for me, I was unaware of the importance of having a platform.

Now that I have thanked everyone, I thought I would give you my full plans so far. As I said in my last blog update, I am still pursuing traditional publishing by contacting literary agents. However, my hopes of self-publishing are still alive. So, next up I will be putting my final manuscript in for professional editing. This will allow my manuscript to be read by the eyes of someone trained to do so. This will get content editing to make sure the storyline is as inclusive as possible. Line-by-line editing to check for grammar and typos. 

However, editing is probably going to cost around $500. So the other $500 or so dollars will go to help create a professional cover for the book. I have a graphic artist in mind, but I will shop the market for a great artist to create my cover. I have posted my cover art concept on the Kickstarter, but I want to get it done professionally by someone who really can take the idea and express it in a way that is captivating, aesthetic, and still streamlined. 

Thank you everyone.