Update: August

So this week’s blog post will really just catch you up on where I am in the writing process and give you an idea on where I am going. So the last update I did was really just me venting about the woes of editing. I was in the trenches of Book 1, titled The Gifted Complex. It was the second or third time I had revised the book as a whole, and I was just really struggling with the nitty gritty of the minute details there in. 

However, since then I have finished my revision. Well that’s not to say that Book 1 is finished completely. I still have someone reading through it for me to make more content changes and polish up the grammar. But currently my focus is on other aspects.

Currently I am working on building my platform. I have been diving into the world of Platforming as it refers to the building up of a foundation of followers, subscribers, or reviews online. My research has led me to realize I should have launched my website, 100% ready or not last year when I meant to. However, the perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow it. Looking back, I would be a full year ahead of where I am now in building my website’s followers. 

The other thing I am working on is my book proposal. A book proposal is what you use to pitch your book idea to people. I had one drafted up over a year ago, however, the book has gone through so many revisions and changes as a whole, that that piece doesn’t really work now.

With that being said, I have decided that I will look into traditional publishing as well as self-publishing, so I started work on one about a month ago. Even if I don’t end up going with traditional publishing, a book proposal is a good thing to have. It has the hook, the synopsis, chapter summaries, the overview of the whole series, and then some sample chapters. 

One of my good friends, the same one I have referred to several times, has been helping me revise it on Google Drive. We have read it through separately and together using Google Drive and making changes on parts to make it as compelling as we can. 

So, where does that leave me now? Well, my very next step is seeing where I am after the Kickstarter ends. If you haven’t, check out my Kickstarter here. If that is successful, my very next step will be to put my manuscript in for some editing. Also, I will be contacting some professional graphic designers in order to produce a real cover. Not the concept art I have on my Kickstarter. 

As of right now, the comments have been deactivated. We are working on it, but hopefully we will have it rectified as soon as possible.