How to find Inspiration

Regardless of your field of work, inspiration is what separates the good from the best. We all need inspiration to make changes in whatever area of life you want to improve, change, or overhaul. 

In my world of writing, inspiration comes in all different ways. Sometimes it comes when I am listening to a speech, or a discussion. It could be just a phrase or a single word that sparks a whole idea. That’s when I grab my phone and use my note taking app and create a note, or if I am at home, I will write it in my notebook. But inspiration can be a tricky subject. It can be like a fickle child unable to remain in one place for more than a few minutes. Sometimes you try and you try, but inspiration is nowhere to be found.

So here are a few ways I try and find inspiration:

  1. Disconnect from the source. A lot of the time I need to remove myself from the situation I am wracking my brain over. After getting away from the topic I can start to get my mind working on other ideas, this helps my mind to clear itself out. Then, many times I will come up with an idea that is really helpful to my current situation. Now this isn’t always the fix, but more times than not my inspiration comes when I am doing something unrelated to my area of work. For me, music is a big one. I love instrumentals and classical music to help get my mind thinking.
  2. Talking it out. Now if you don’t have a mentor, apprentice, coworker, or something that you can talk your projects over with, I truly suggest you get one. Talking out a project idea can help you approach the concept at a new angle. Not only can you improve your own point-of-view, but you can get someone else’s. I have a close friend who has been infinitely helpful in getting my ideas rounded out, and he lets me bounce potential story elements off of him all of the time. 
  3. Exercise your body. Science is finally starting to show that there is a mental connection with exercise. I have to agree. When I was in grad school, sometimes the only way I could figure out how to write a paper was to go to the gym. I think getting your blood pumping just helps the mind to focus more clearly. 
  4. Jot it down. Writing is something I have a huge passion for, so maybe I am biased. I believe that writing things down can help you channel some sort of creative juices. And again, I mean writing with a pen and paper. 

So those are just a few of my techniques for finding inspiration. But they are not the only ways to reach the revelations we are all searching for in our own sphere of influence. So I would like to beg the question, what are your ideas for getting inspired? How do you get ideas to flow? Do you have a specific ritual, or a practice that helps? Please share your feedback.