So my wife and I returned from a family reunion. It was her family, and apparently they do them very regularly. It was my first family reunion like this. I got to meet several family members on my wife’s side that I hadn’t met before and was reintroduced to several that I had met previously. 

Honestly, it was amazing. Usually you hear family reunion, and you think of crazy relatives that you have to avoid. But this was honestly amazing. Her family was so welcoming and loving. I was the “new guy” to most of them. So I went in with some trepidation. I was a little nervous, but mostly I was just expectant that it would be a really fun time. 

I got to meet a lot of her nieces and nephews. I hung out with several of her really fun cousins. Overall, it was a great time. 

It got me thinking about the importance of family in our lives. If you have a family, be sure to remind them how important they are. Text that brother you haven’t heard from in months and tell em you love him. Or call you mom. I know she will talk your ear off, but sometimes you need to just let them be the center and ask how they are. 

And don’t think I’m preaching. I am just as guilty as anyone of not being good at keeping in touch with my loved ones back in New York. So often during the school year I get caught up in grades and events that I forget to call my family back home. 

So, moral of the story. Don’t forget how lucky you are to have family. 

L. Danny Valencia