Well I’ve been editing Book 1 a lot the past few weeks. I feel like the editing process is so much more difficult than the writing portion. I have no trouble generating ideas and writing out the story. Even the prewriting parts are pretty easy for me. However, editing is such a long, grueling process. It requires so much extra reading and then thinking about the reading in every way possible. Asking questions like: will the reader understand this subtle detail? Is this decision going to make the character no longer likable? How can I better express this idea?

Personally, I am the kind of person who can easily overthink things. So having to look at my material and then having to overthink it is like overthinking to the Nth degree.  I have been pouring over this particular middle-portion of the book. Really trying to get it to feel cleaner and tighten up the story. Trying to make the storyline understandable and feel real. 

So, enough lamenting over my current existential crisis. Time to get back to the editing process. Please keep me in your prayers.