The first series I am working on is titled The Gabriel Green Files. This series introduces the title character into a world where humanity is thriving. An Eden if you will. In the hope of continuing the world’s progress, the “Gifted” are sent to special schools in order to train their abilities. Their goal is to graduate with the knowledge of how to use their Gifts to help mankind.
Gabriel Green goes to school everyday thinking everything is as it should be. However, he soon learns that there are secret forces working behind the scenes in dangerous ways. It is up to Gabriel to find out what these forces are up to and protect his friends.
Strange visions and dark rumors plague Gabriel, and he is left with a daunting question. Who is the Organization? Gabriel turns to his friends for help, but even they aren’t sure what to do. Gabriel enlists the help of his best friend, Jake, and the ever intellectual Simon. 
Can they stop the forces that pitted against them? Will Gabriel save those he cares about? Or will he fall when everything is on the line? Find out in the intense first book The Gifted Complex.

This is the trailer for my upcoming chapter book series, The Gabriel Green Files: The Gifted Complex. To learn more…

Posted by Gabriel Green Files: The Gifted Complex on Sunday, July 5, 2015